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Gaetz internship solicitation elicits shock on Twitter a day after his sex trafficking allegations surface

Gaetz internship solicitation elicits shock on Twitter a day after his sex trafficking allegations surface

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The furor over the revelation that Congressman Matt Gaetz R-FL) is under investigation for his alleged relationship with a 17-year-old girl and potential sex trafficking continues into a second day as social media mocked the quintessential Florida man for both his disastrous appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program last night and his office’s tone-deaf failure to pull recruitment ads for interns for both his Washington DC and Florida offices.

The internships were posted today on the job search site Daybook just a day after the investigation into Gaetz’s actions by the Department of Justice — initiated while the DOJ was still under the watchful eye of former Attorney General William Barr — became public knowledge.

While recruiting interns can be a perfectly innocent activity for congressional offices, given the severity of the accusations being lodged against the right-wing extremist legislator, one would expect that someone in Gaetz’s office would have realized the humiliating implications of placing such a solicitation online while his dealings with minors are under such scrutiny.

Social media, as usual, had a lot to say about the subject.

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That was just a small selection of the remarkably similarly themed posts made in response to the recruitment posting.

Amazingly with all the furor raised by QAnon devotees over supposed child sex trafficking rings in Washington DC, Gaetz has managed to avoid condemnation by that faction of the GOP who apparently believe that only Democrats could be guilty of such accusations.

Any politically ambitious potential intern may want to think twice about seeking a place on Congressman Gaetz’s office staff roster if they are concerned about gaining any long-term experience.

It is increasingly looking like Rep. Gaetz may not make it to the end of his term with his job intact at this point.

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Original reporting by Travis Gettys at RawStory.

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