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Marjorie Taylor Greene gives despicable defense of Matt Gaetz

Marjorie Taylor Greene gives despicable defense of Matt Gaetz

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Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is under investigation for sex trafficking allegedly involving a 17-year-old girl in what can only be described as one of the grossest but least surprising political development in recent months. For his part, the MAGA loyalist Congressman claims that he is innocent and insists that he is actually the victim of some convoluted and deeply unconvincing extortion scheme orchestrated by a former DOJ official.

After years of peddling the most pernicious forms of lies, it’d be hard to believe this man even if he trotted out a simpler, more convincing explanation for the allegations. As it is, his story just doesn’t add up.

Considering that he was the only member of Congress to oppose a 2017 anti-sex trafficking bill, this scandal has some real weight to it and in a saner country it would render him radioactive, scaring off would-be allies. Instead, we live in a nation riddled with such corrupt, immoral conservative politicians that we already see some of them clambering to defend him, evidence unseen. The QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has already rushed to her fellow Trump-loving official’s defense.

Earlier today, she tweeted that she stands with Gaetz and urged her followers to remember all of the “conspiracy theories and lies” that were told about Trump-Russia. It’s ironic for a woman who has voiced belief in the idea that a Satanic cabal of Democrats secretly molests and consumes children to accuse anyone of peddling conspiracy theories, and the Trump-Russia scandal was far from debunked.

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Robert Mueller didn’t find enough evidence to fully nail Trump for collusion, but the string of indictments and convictions that piled up indicate something was deeply amiss. Where there’s smoke there was fire, and there was enough smoke around Trump and Russia to blot out the sun.

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More importantly, we are at too early a stage in this controversy for Taylor Greene to have any idea as to the true innocence or guilt of Matt Gaetz. Her rush to side with him is nothing more than a cynical partisan calculation. She doesn’t care if he actually engaged in illicit sexual conduct with a minor, she just wants to signal to MAGA voters that she will always stand with MAGA politicians. It’s vile.

Some Twitter users were quick to slam her for the tweet.

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