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Social media tears into Matt Gaetz like a pack of wild dogs as sexual allegations surface

Social media tears into Matt Gaetz like a pack of wild dogs as sexual allegations surface

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Matt Gaetz, the most moronic MAGA maniac in Congress and an ascendant darling of Fox News, finds himself embroiled in a sex scandal that could topple his career for good with the revelation that the DOJ is investigating him for possible sex trafficking involving a 17-year-old girl.

The suggestion that Gaetz could be involved in such disgusting criminality takes on a particularly sinister tint when one recalls that he was the only member of Congress to vote against a 2017 anti-human trafficking bill. On top of that, his fanatical support of the serial sexual predator Donald Trump has started to make even more sense.

Predictably, Gaetz has denied the allegations and spun an elaborate narrative about an alleged attempt by a former DOJ employee to blackmail him for millions of dollars. His story is a largely incoherent one and one can’t help but think that he is simply laying the groundwork to claim that the accusations are all part of some plot by members of the nefarious Deep State to take him down.

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Gaetz’s strange appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show last night—during which he referred to Carlson weathering similar accusations—did nothing to help his case and afterward Carlson referred to it as “one of the weirdest” interviews he’s ever conducted.

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Gaetz is by far one of the most unscrupulous men serving in Congress and so for a lot of people, these allegations track with what we know about him. It’s unclear when we’ll get the full story here but something feels very, very wrong. In the meantime, social media is crackling with theories, brutal mockery, and blunt insults, all at the expense of the odious Congressman from Florida. There’s still a chance that Gaetz somehow manages to wriggle out of this, but his already less-than-sterling reputation has been dealt irreparable damage.

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