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Psaki crushes question over whether White House is going to fix its “tone” on Republican abuses

Psaki crushes question over whether White House is going to fix its “tone” on Republican abuses

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It’s an unofficial but undeniable goal of the Republican Party to reduce access to the vote in this country. They know that their policies are unpopular with a majority of Americans and that because of that fact, increased turnout makes it harder for them to win elections. Rather than adjusting their platform to attract a broader, more diverse range of voters, the GOP has decided to simply attack democracy itself. If they had their druthers only white, wealthy conservatives would have the franchise.

This desire to strangle voting is why they ran so much misinformation about vote-by-mail in the lead-up to the 2020 election, efforts that were spearheaded by Donald Trump himself. The latest iteration of this pernicious strategy metastasized in Georgia last week when Republican Governor Brian Kemp signed into law SB 202, voting legislation that hands enormous power to Republicans while weakening the state’s democratic foundations.

SB 202 makes it illegal to distribute food and water to people waiting in line to vote, makes ID mandatory for absentee ballots, restricts the locations of ballot drop boxes, and calcifies Republican control of election boards. It’s nothing short of an attack on democracy itself and represents a panicked counterattack from a GOP that is terrified of losing Georgia for good after it tilted for Joe Biden in the last election.

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President Biden has already slammed SB 202, calling it “Jim Crow in the 21st Century.” He announced that the White House and DOJ will be examining options for pushing back against the clearly unconstitutional legislation. Republicans, always quick to claim victimhood when someone calls them out on their sinister machinations, immediately cried foul and insisted that Biden’s characterization of the bill was unfair.

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Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked the utterly ludicrous question of whether the White House intends to change its “tone” on SB 202.

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“The tone for a bill that limits voting access and makes it more difficult for people to engage in voting in Georgia?” responded Psaki with palpable disbelief.

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The reporter responded that Psaki’s characterization doesn’t line up with how Governor Kemp has described the bill, as if a man like him should be trusted. Are we supposed to believe that he’d sign an anti-voting into law and then admit that it was anti-voting?

“Well, I think that is not based in fact, what the Governor of Georgia said,” responded Psaki. “So no, our tone is not changing. We have concerns about the specific components of the package including the fact that it makes it harder and more difficult for people to vote by limiting absentee options, by making it not viable, not possible, for people to provide water to people who are in line, by not standardizing longer hours. So if you’re making it harder to vote, no we don’t support that.”

Watch the masterful response below.

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