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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene garners 12 hour Twitter suspension and loudly cries foul

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene garners 12 hour Twitter suspension and loudly cries foul

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Hear that blissful, peaceful silence?

It’s the sound of Twitter without the right-wing bleatings and nonsensical conspiracy theories emanating from Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s feed on the social media platform.

The Georgia Republican lawmaker — who has lots of time on her hands since her reprehensible behavior led to her being stripped of her congressional committee assignments — was placed on a 12-hour suspension that prevents her from posting on the platform, although she’ll still be able to scroll through and read tweets on her feed.

The loud-mouthed attention seeker immediately posted a statement on the right-wing social media platform Gab falsely blaming the suspension on her Easter greeting post — which was never actually cited by Twitter and remains on her feed — and vowed to refuse to be silenced.

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Here is the post that Greene falsely claims led to her suspension.

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So no, it wasn’t Rep. Greene’s distorted readings of the teachings of Christ that led to her suspension, nor was it her untenable positions on a woman’s right to choose, sensible gun regulations, vaccine passports, nor her attacks on Dr. Fauci and her colleague Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

More likely the suspension was the result of Greene’s continual dissemination of misinformation about the legitimacy of President Joe Biden’s electoral victory over that serial liar and cheat Donald Trump in clear violation of Twitter standards and rules that earned her the temporary banishment from the platform.

Many folks on Twitter were not sorry to see her gone from the service, even if only for a brief period, and lamented that the ban wasn’t as permanent as the exile of Donald Trump from the site.

Here are some of the reactions they posted in response to the news.

As Greene and her MAGA allies continue to spread the lie about the reasons behind her temporary suspension and cry “CANCEL CULTURE!”,  it seems as if many of the people who use the platform like it much better without her pitiful propaganda posts.

For the record, censorship is unAmerican, but a private company has no First Amendment obligation to allow politicians to post misleading and factually deficient information on their platform, no matter how loudly they complain.

Greene should be grateful that Twitter granted her time to spend on Easter to contemplate her transgressions and repent for her sins, no matter how unlikely that it is that she actually uses the extra time that usefully.

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