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Donald Trump’s blasphemous Easter message draws furious condemnation

Donald Trump’s blasphemous Easter message draws furious condemnation

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Easter is a holy day of rebirth and renewal befitting of its remembrance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the Christian tradition and of its derivation from the pre-Christian pagan festivals devoted to the earth’s own renewal with the arrival of spring.

Celebrated around the world as the end of the Lenten period of fasting and self-sacrifice, it is marked by sumptuous feasts and family gatherings and is one of the most sacred holidays in Christianity.

Somehow Donald Trump didn’t get that message, judging from the Easter greeting he issued by press release today since he is still banned from most of the most prominent social media platforms.

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It starts off innocuously and ecumenically enough: “Happy Easter to ALL,” Trump’s statement screams inclusively.

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It’s the section after the comma that has raised the hackles of Christians and non-Christians alike, as Trump completely undercuts any goodwill he may have earned by the inclusivity of his Easter wishes with yet another false claim of that his loss in last November’s presidential contest was the result of a rigged and stolen election.

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Twitter denizens, particularly those whom the disgraced ex-president has so artfully tarred and feathered as “Radical Left CRAZIES,” took to the platform to assail Trump for his blasphemous distortion of the true meaning of Christiandom’s holiest of days.


One can only hope that Trump’s political career will not rise again from the grave as no redemption for his hateful tenure is possible at this point without the penance of a long prison sentence to pay for his sins.

Each day fewer and fewer people care what he has to say, so perhaps he could avoid digging himself into a deeper and deeper level of a hellish afterlife by simply keeping his mouth appropriately shut as other past presidents have had the decency to do.

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