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Meghan McCain reveals there have always been “weird rumors” about Matt Gaetz

Meghan McCain reveals there have always been “weird rumors” about Matt Gaetz

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Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) finds himself at the nadir of his political career now that the entire country knows that the DOJ is investigating him for possible sex trafficking involving a 17-year-old girl. The revelation has brought Gaetz a wave of bad press, with some Republicans admitting that they knew it was just a matter of time before Gaetz found himself embroiled in some kind of scandal.

Not surprisingly, Gaetz is insisting he’s innocent but that would be easier to believe if he hadn’t trotted out the truly bizarre claim that a DOJ official tried to extort him for millions of dollars. If he really didn’t do anything, there would be no way to extort him.

Gaetz wrote an Op-Ed for the right-wing Washington Examiner that pins the blame on his current situation on a political scheme to take him down. He mentioned the late senator John McCain and singled his daughter Meghan out for calling for Gaetz to resign.

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On The View today, Meghan McCain reiterated that Gaetzshould step down and echoed the low opinion of the man that many others have been sharing.

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“Look, there have always been weird rumors about Matt Gaetz on Capitol Hill. I have lots of family and friends who work in politics, work on Capitol Hill. He’s always had a weird reputation. I’m not surprised by this, I’m actually not,” said McCain. “What’s particularly gross is he was the only Congressman to vote against an anti-sex trafficking bill that was on the floor of Congress last year. I will say, he should certainly resign, in the same way that I think Cuomo should resign,” she added, before briefly pivoting to smear a Democratic Congressman.

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“The most likely scenario is that Matt Gaetz slept with a 17-year-old and sex trafficked her and he’s probably gonna go to jail. And Tucker Carlson, you know denying it. There’s also this like really weird group of people who always hung out at Mar-a-Lago in the Trump years and clearly, Matt Gaetz and his teenage girlfriends were allegedly those people as well,” said McCain.

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McCain isn’t often right but in this case, she’s spot on. Gaetz should resign and if he did what he’s accused of he belongs in prison.

Watch the segment below.

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