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Cringe: Greg Gutfeld’s new late-night FOX comedy show falls embarrassingly flat in first episode

Cringe: Greg Gutfeld’s new late-night FOX comedy show falls embarrassingly flat in first episode

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Conservatives resent liberals for a great many reasons, but it’s the stranglehold over culture and comedy that really drives them nuts. There are no “right-wing movies” that don’t go straight to DVD; right-wing comedy is stagnant and mostly consists of racist middle-aged men making trite, uncreative jokes about “safe spaces” and “participation trophies.”

The right-wing worldview seems simply are incapable of producing any cultural content that has any value or lasting meaning apart from mocking memes (see Neal McCoy’s now-infamous country single “Take a Knee, My Ass (I Won’t Take a Knee)“).

That axiom was once again proven correct with the debut of FOX host Greg Gutfeld’s new late-night comedy show, which opened with an absolutely cringe attempt to mock the “liberal” media outlets of CNN and MSNBC that landed like a rotten watermelon on the sidewalk.

Trying to make fun of MSNBC host Brian Williams for fudging the truth in his reporting about an Iraq War helicopter ride some eighteen years ago, Gutfeld’s bit consisted of Williams pretending he was on Mars. His second bit showed two CNN pundits arguing that the other one was racist.

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It just goes to show that there is truly nothing the right-wing has to offer beyond spite towards their political rivals and their victimhood complexes. The modern Republican case against “cancel culture” — their primary obsession since they don’t have any coherent political message to sell themselves with — is that they don’t like it when people say their racist deeds and words are racist. That’s it. That’s all they have.

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This is just sad, and hard to understand how it made it all the way to national television. Somehow, it’s probably the least damaging thing FOX promoted all night!

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