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McConnell trashes “stupid” corporations for criticizing GOP but begs them to keep giving money

McConnell trashes “stupid” corporations for criticizing GOP but begs them to keep giving money

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Just a day after condemning big business for “taking cues from the Outrage-Industrial Complex” and hopping on the woke bandwagon, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is back at biting the hand that feeds him while careful clarifying that he still expects to be pampered and nourished by their campaign contributions.

With companies like Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, and Major League Baseball releasing forceful statements condemning the recently passed Georgia law implementing new voting regulations and with Dow, HP, Salesforce, Under Armour, ViacomCBS, Estée Lauder, and others expressing outrage over similarly restrictive laws being considered in Texas and other states, McConnell finds himself in the unaccustomed position of harshly criticizing his usual patrons for their wholesale acceptance of what he calls “absurd disinformation” about the voting laws his state-level GOP brethren are railroading through their legislatures.

His addition today of an oxymoronic plea to corporate America to stay out of politics while continuing to keep the firehose of political donations fully open is a new request akin to walking on water.

Asking companies to fork over their political contributions without expecting their views on issues such as voting rights to be heard seems to remove the classic expectation of quid pro quo that is the very motivation for campaign donations to begin with.

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McConnell’s expectations of public companies in this regard are both naive and arrogant as many social media commentators pointed out.

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While it’s unclear if Minority Leader McConnell actually expects anyone in the business world to actually comply with his demands or if he is merely performing the public posturing that his colleagues in the GOP expect of him, but either way his efforts are laughably hypocritical.

As voters leave the Republican party in droves and the GOP scrambles to rig the voting system to retain power, Senator McConnell’s desperation is obvious.

Hopefully, major corporations will see the insanity in his request to give the Republicans money and have their views ignored and the party’s evil and misguided agenda will wither and die from the roots because of a lack of financial support from the business world.

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