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Trump trashes Georgia Republicans for caving on their racist power play

Trump trashes Georgia Republicans for caving on their racist power play

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As faithful adherents of democracy — including some of America’s biggest corporations —  gnash their teeth over the new Georgia voting bill that they see as an attempt to suppress minority voting power, former President Donald Trump is complaining that state officials actually diluted the bill to make it more acceptable to Democrats.

Reduced to commenting on the current political scene by emailed statement since he’s been banished from most major social media platforms, Trump moaned that Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp had capitulated to critics in the opposition party, “watering down” the legislation to make it less effective for his own aims of delivering consistent victories for the GOP in the state.

 “Too bad the desperately needed election reforms in Georgia didn’t go further,” Trump said in his unsolicited statement.

The candidate who lost the state of Georgia by a slim 11,779 vote margin thinks that Governor Kemp foolishly agreed to placate Democrats by leaving out key voting restrictions that Trump believes could have helped him win the presidential election.

“The Governor and Lt. Governor would not go for it,” Trump insisted. “Democrats in Georgia really push the Republicans around.”

Even more frustrating for the defeated former president is the fact that the Georgia GOP did not push to enact the still restrictive legislation before last November’s election.

“This Bill should have been passed before the 2020 Presidential Election, not after,” Trump wailed.

Proving that he has a completely different concept of what constitutes a “Free and Fair Election,” Trump called for a boycott of companies pushing for the repeal of the recently passed Georgia legislation and for the halt to similar efforts in other states, despite the fact that he was caught yesterday ignoring his own exhortations by sneaking a hidden bottle of Diet Coke behind a phone in a publicity photo with his former immigration-basher-in-chief Stephen Miller.

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“Boycott all of the woke companies that don’t want … Free and Fair Election,” Trump reiterated today.

Taken literally, Trump’s statement would preclude a boycott of any company except those run by die-hard MAGA and QAnon adherents who have been the only ones complaining about the results already declared free and fair by every state election supervisor and by the judges whom the Trump campaign took their unwarranted accusations of election fraud.

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While Trump may criticize Governor Kemp for not passing even more restrictive voting regulations, the very fact that the Georgia voting system faced a wholesale overhaul — despite its own Republican-controlled election apparatus having determined that no fraud actually occurred in the presidential election — is enough of an affront to democracy even though more draconian limitations were dropped from the final draft of their bill.

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Donald Trump continues to prove how lucky America is to have him be deposed from power.

It’s a reminder that most of us didn’t need.

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Original reporting by David Goldiner at The New York Daily News.

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