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Donald Trump Jr. embarks on deeply paranoid, narcissistic rant about everyone “plotting against him”

Donald Trump Jr. embarks on deeply paranoid, narcissistic rant about everyone “plotting against him”

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The ex-president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., is supposedly the executive vice-president of a multinational real estate empire. But you wouldn’t know that from his social media presence, which shows that the former First Son spends his days recording nonsensical rants on or going on right-wing propaganda network Newsmax to repeat those same tired and entirely fictional right-wing grievances.

If his most recent appearance on TV is anything to judge by, Donnie J’s victimhood complex is reaching unsustainable levels. During a rant on the MLB’s decision to relocate their All-Star game out of Atlanta over the recently passed draconian voting rights restriction bill, Don Jr. began to exhibit both the delusional paranoia and the astounding narcissism that his reviled father is so infamous for.

“If those people step up, they start pushing back, they start being vocal, they stop cowering in a corner afraid of being canceled, I promise we can get through this thing! If they don’t try to cancel me 50 times a day I wonder what’s going on. I start to wonder how they’re plotting against me! We just can’t be afraid of the nonsense!”

Who exactly these mysterious cancellers and people working overtime to plot against the coked-up (ahem, allegedly) failson of a disgraced ex-president who has transitioned entirely into a crank pundit who operates exclusively on a video hosting site nobody’s ever heard of is unclear.

Social media had a field day mocking the Trump scion for his ridiculous assertion:

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