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Fox segment devolves into chaos after Geraldo asks Black guest when he was last in the “ghetto”

Fox segment devolves into chaos after Geraldo asks Black guest when he was last in the “ghetto”

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Fox News has been scraping the bottom of the barrel for months now, unable to find any real way to attack the Biden administration beyond lobbing unconvincing claims that he has singlehandedly created a historic crisis along the Mexican border. They’ve been forced to fall back on stupid culture war issues like Potato Head and Dr. Seuss and the kind of horrendous race-baiting that has characterized the network since its inception.

Earlier today, Fox hosted a conversation between Geraldo Rivera and Leo Terell to discuss the election of Tishaura Jones this week as St. Louis’s first female Black mayor. In a recent debate, Jones suggested that a white mayor would not be fully equipped to govern a majority Black city like St. Louis. She made the very salient point that a “white person doesn’t have to worry about their children getting hit by a stray bullet when he’s outside.”

“While I appreciate the role of white allies in this movement of progress, I don’t believe that they have the lived experiences to lead a majority-minority city,” added Jones.

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To Fox News, the reasonable suggestion that a Black person might have a better understanding of the challenges facing their own community predictably caused an uproar. During today’s segment, Leo Terell, a Black man himself, tore into Jones’s comments.

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“That is the most insulting, racist comment!” said Terell. “You know what she’s saying? She’s saying because you’re white you don’t understand what we as Black people go through regarding crime. That makes the assumption that Joe Biden doesn’t know.  To say that she is basically in a better position because she’s Black is insulting, it’s racist, and it makes no sense whatever. I reject that argument!”

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“Hey Leo, when was the last time you were in the ghetto?” chimed in Rivera, showcasing that trademark lack of tact and timing that has come to define his public persona.

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“How dare you say that?” responded Terell at which the conversation devolved into an all-out verbal brawl as the two men attempted to talk over each other, Terell growing increasingly agitated with varying cries of “How dare you say that!?” and “insulting!”

The segment was completely derailed from there, further proving that Fox News is completely incapable of talking about race with anything even vaguely resembling nuance.

Watch the embarrassing back and forth below.

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