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“Gross!” Katie Hill trashes Matt Gaetz for using her scandal to defend himself

“Gross!” Katie Hill trashes Matt Gaetz for using her scandal to defend himself

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In a turn of events that almost everyone saw coming, former president Trump’s loudest supporter in Congress, the unrepentant Florida Man Matt Gaetz, has found himself in the center of a disturbing sex trafficking scandal revolving around an underage girl.

The signs were all there, especially on the particular hills he chose to die on — like being the only member of Congress to vote against an anti-human trafficking bill or his retweets about how people can be sexy at “any age.”

Now his public defense of another Congressional sex scandal is being drawn back into the spotlight — and the woman involved is no longer appreciative of his surprisingly vehement stance.

Former California Democratic Rep. Katie Hill resigned last year after the jackals in the UK tabloids obtained nude photos of her and exposed her inappropriate affair with one of her staffers.

At the time, Gaetz came to her defense, tweeting that “who among us would look perfect if every ex leaked every photo/text…Katie isn’t being investigated by Ethics or maligned because she hurt anyone – it is because she is different.”

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Now that his perverted laundry has been aired for the nation to see, everybody, including Hill, see those words in a very different light.

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“Knowing now that that could’ve been just because he was trying to kind of cover up for whatever his own indiscretions were or be able to use my name and invoke that defense later on….It’s just gross!” said Hill in a CNN interview on Friday.

The differences between the two parties couldn’t be more stark. While Katie Hill’s relationship with her staffer was certainly inappropriate and weird, it was a consensual relationship between two adults — but she resigned anyway, knowing that she had crossed a line ethically and wanted to set an example for the rest of the nation.

Gaetz, on the other hand, has behaved unethically his entire time in Congress but is still denying the allegations and refusing to step down.

The silence from his fellow Republicans and his own hypocrisy just highlight how all the “family values” stuff that Republicans pretend to champion fly right out the window the minute the 38-year-old Matt Gaetz gets his first beer at a Miami bar frequented by college students.

In hindsight, it is breathtaking to see how clearly Gaetz telegraphed his alleged crimes in his public statements and actions; it is truly disgusting for him to have jumped to Katie Hill’s defense now that we know he clearly was just laying the groundwork to protect himself should his dark secrets ever see the light of day.


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