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Leaked texts from Matt Gaetz’s alleged accomplice show the trouble is only just beginning

Leaked texts from Matt Gaetz’s alleged accomplice show the trouble is only just beginning

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Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is still fighting for political survival in the wake of the revelation that the Department of Justice is investigating him for the possible sex trafficking of a 17-year-old girl. While he insists on his innocence, it looks increasingly likely that he will soon be facing serious legal problems.

The alleged behavior is unfortunately in perfect keeping with what we know of the man and it certainly doesn’t help that his former “wingman” Joel Greenberg has been indicted for sex trafficking involving minors. Greenberg has reportedly been working to strike a plea deal and one can only imagine what he might reveal about Gaetz to authorities.

Now, Politico is reporting that in August of last year, days before he was indicted for sex trafficking the same 17-year-old from the Gaetz investigation, Greenberg was panicking to his friends in a WhatsApp chat. In it, he expressed concern that the investigators had investigated his Venmo history and would follow that lead to the underage girl in question. It was recently revealed that Gaetz sent a Venmo payment to Greenberg for $900 and then Greenberg sent money to three different girls.

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“I’m trying to let everyone know who came into contact with any of these girls that the feds are going through my Venmo history and don’t want anyone to be caught off guard,” said Greenberg. The friend in the chat replied that he didn’t have a Venmo himself, had no connections to the women, and then directed Greenberg to leave his name “the f*ck out of any of this.”

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Greenberg claimed that he was paying legal fees for the girl. Greenberg also apparently asked Gaetz to use his connections with Trump to secure a presidential pardon. While Greenberg’s attorney stated that Greenberg is not paying anyone’s legal bills as far as he knows, he also stated that he can’t say for certain what kind of arrangements his client had before he came on board in December to defend him.

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The WhatsApp conversation was eventually given to the investigators and then shared with Politico. Disgustingly, Greenberg called the girl “Vintage 99,” a reference to the year she was born as well as the username she employed on a website designed to connect women with sugar daddies. He also informed the other members of the chat that his lawyer at the time told him that “everyone is going to need a lawyer.”

“I have nothing to do with any of this and think it is incredibly uncool you are trying to lawyer me up to be a part of it, Joel. Not. F*cking. Cool,” responded Greenberg’s friend. He told Politico that the conversation “felt like a setup.”

It remains to be seen how this story will continue to shape up, but Greenberg’s attorney stated last Thursday that he’s “sure Matt Gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today.” Once we learn the full details of what Gaetz did, it seems very possible that not only his political career but also his freedom might be at an end.

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