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Sen. Cornyn complains about how Biden is working instead of tweeting all the time

Sen. Cornyn complains about how Biden is working instead of tweeting all the time

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The rest of the world might not miss Donald Trump but Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) clearly does. Earlier today, the senator took to Twitter to complain that President Biden doesn’t do enough cable interviews and doesn’t tweet enough. When he does tweet, according to Cornyn, the messages are “unimaginably conventional.”

The implication seems to be that Biden should be wasting all of his time blasting off tweets like his predecessor. This idea that the president must be tweeting around the clock is ridiculous at face value. Just because Donald Trump had no interest in actual governance and preferred to spend his days bullying, insulting, and lying on social media doesn’t mean that’s how all presidents should behave. We should not model our expectations of the presidency on the habits of the worst man to ever hold the office.

After rattling off his petty complaints about Biden, Cornyn said that the lack of interviews and minimal tweeting invites the question of whether or not Biden is “really in charge.” Apparently, Cornyn thinks the job of the president is to flash his face in front of cameras as much as possible instead of, say, passing a historic $1.9 trillion relief bill. Already Biden has accomplished more in less than a year than Trump did in four but since he isn’t harassing Black athletes on Twitter or comparing women to dogs he doesn’t meet Cornyn’s standards.

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There’s also a sinister conspiracy theory-tinged element to Cornyn’s tweet. Some on the far-right are still insisting that President Biden is cognitively impaired, a ludicrous claim which should have been put to bed after Biden dismembered Trump during the presidential debates. By raising this perverse narrative Cornyn is throwing in his lot with the QAnon crowd. The good people of Texas would be wise to vote this man out before he radicalized even further. There’s no telling how much damage men like him are willing to inflict on our democracy to further their own base political goals.

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Not surprisingly, Twitter users were not impressed by the senator’s tweets.

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