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Daily Psakibomb: Biden Press Secretary slaps down gotcha question about next big bill

Daily Psakibomb: Biden Press Secretary slaps down gotcha question about next big bill

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has quickly gained a reputation as a trustworthy voice for the Biden administration, someone who isn’t afraid to call out bad faith questions or swat down attempted gotcha moments. She is in every sense the polar opposite of the creeps who Trump hired for the prestigious position and clearly sees her job as communicating the truth to the American people rather than lying for her boss.

Today, Psaki was once again hit with a loaded question aimed at building a negative narrative about the White House. A reporter asked whether the new infrastructure bill—a historic effort which, if successful, could transform this country on a fundamental level and prepare us for the coming century—is going to lead to an increase in utility bills. The Biden administration wants to raise corporate taxes to pay for the roughly $2.1 trillion bill. Not surprisingly, the corporations are pushing back.

The reporter pointed out that utility companies claimed they decreased their rates in response to Trump’s 2017 tax cuts, a claim which he admitted could have been “partially for show.”

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“Is there some data that you’re expecting from economists suggesting that will be the case or are you just getting ahead of what might happen when the bill passes?” asked Psaki.

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“I mean I’m just getting ahead like there were those announcements. You said they like didn’t have the intended effects but utility companies did say: ‘Hey our… You know, we can pass on this lower rate to consumers through their utility bills,'” responded the reporter.

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“And have utility companies said—I have not seen it if they have—that they would raise the cost if this bill passed, to invest in infrastructure and get lead out of the pipes to make sure there’s clean drinking water and create millions of jobs?” asked Psaki.

“I’m not aware of any specific announcements like that but I’m just saying that was one of the results that occurred after the 2017…” conceded the reporter, essentially admitting that his entire question was built around baseless speculation.

“Well then I don’t think we have to anticipate it as an issue quite yet,” said Psaki, once again showcasing a refusal to fall into manufactured traps.

Check out the great moment below.

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