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Fox host skewered for suddenly supporting paternity leave after having baby

Fox host skewered for suddenly supporting paternity leave after having baby

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One of the defining traits of Fox News personalities is a profound lack of empathy. Whether because of cynical careerism or genuine reactionary ideology, the talking heads that populate the intellectual wasteland that is America’s most popular news network seem unable to consider anyone’s perspective but their own.

This refusal to empathize is what allows them to pump out the kind of xenophobic, racist, sexist, deeply privileged sludge that they traffic in daily. There is no sympathy on display for the victims of the oppressive power structures that have long animated American society, which is why for example you see Fox almost always siding with the police when an innocent person of color is gunned down. If it doesn’t affect them, they don’t care about it.

Jesse Watters, one of the most cognitively stunted goons at a station teeming with rabid ignoramuses, recently had his third child. During an appearance on The Five, he stated that he is now “pro-paternity” after the birth of this most recent child.

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“I used to mock people for taking paternity, I used to think it was a big ruse, but now I wish I could take six weeks,” said Watters. As is too often the case, this conservative doesn’t care about an issue until it’s affecting him directly. The fact that it took three children for him to realize it might be a good idea just shows how deeply ingrained his apathy towards others is.

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Paid paternity and maternity lead have never been “ruses,” but a way of ensuring that hardworking Americans can balance their work and home lives. More importantly, there are countless Americans working real jobs—unlike Watters whose job is to race-bait and push right-wing lies—who deserve leave far more than this pampered propagandist. Watters will never work an honest day for the rest of his life, and there’s no telling how much damage he will inflict on our democracy in that amount of time. If he deserves paternity leave, everyone does.

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Twitter users pounced all over Watters for his hypocrisy.

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