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Old white Republican trashes VP Kamala Harris for not working hard enough

Old white Republican trashes VP Kamala Harris for not working hard enough

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The issues surrounding immigration in America are legion and inspire some of the most polarizing opinions in politics these days as Republicans seek a wedge issue to help them in their battle to regain the power that they lost due to the disastrous presidency of Donald Trump.

Now, a GOP congressman is using the immigration debate to launch scurrilous attacks on Vice President Kamala Harris since she’s been named the point person on immigration issues amidst the latest surge of arrivals in the southern border.

Representative Glenn Grothman (R-WI) has been described by The Washington Post as “a shambling, strident conservative with a Trumpian tell-it-like-it-is streak who typically votes with the House GOP leadership” and was rated by Axios as having the highest score in the “Trump Loyalty Index” — a measure of votes in support of the former president and agreement with his public statements — of any member of Congress, beating out such notorious House lapdogs as Reps. Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, and Matt Gaetz.

Congressman Grothman pontificated on the House floor today about what Republicans invariably label the “crisis” on the border in order to raise passions on an issue that they believe that they can leverage to put the Biden administration on the defensive.

The Trumpiest lawmaker rolled out all the old tropes, accusing Democrats of favoring completely open borders when that is patently untrue and accusing them of being unconcerned about the Republicans’ pet divisive issue because of their failure to hold a meaningless press conference and emulating the GOP emphasis on meaningless propaganda rather than thoughtful action.

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The portion of Rep. Grothman’s remarks that garnered the most attention among social media commentators, however, was his misogynistic attack on Vice President Harris.

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“It would be nice if Vice President Harris would show that she accepted her new job with some enthusiasm,” Grothman proclaimed unenthusiatically, pausing before sayng the word “Harris” as if it pained him to have to accept her authority.

“Again, the talking heads I read right now, they imply that maybe she didn’t even want the job,”  the Wisconsin representative conspiratorially tried to spread doubt about the willingness of the Vice President to address her responsibilities before imploring Harris to “show you care.”

Grothman’s selective attack on the first female and multi-racial Vice President — as well as his impeccably bad taste in reading materials — did not sit well with many people who saw the excerpt of his speech on social media.

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Hopefully, the public at large won’t fall for Congressman Gotham’s politicly motivated distortions, and his constituents in Wisconsin will send him packing in the next election cycle.

Meanwhile, Vice President Harris will continue to focus on solutions to the refugee problems that don’t include child separations from their parents, the forced breakup of family units, and the other heinous tactics employed by the Trump administration as a “deterrent” to other desperate asylum-seekers.

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