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Stupid and cruel: MGT and Boebert are only Reps to vote against bone marrow program

Stupid and cruel: MGT and Boebert are only Reps to vote against bone marrow program

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It could almost be two congresswomen’s audition for comic book super-villain status.

Two of the GQP’s most notorious right-wing crazies teamed up last night to vote against a bill that would benefit those poor souls who require a bone marrow transplant to help them recover from life-threatening diseases such as leukemia and other maladies by creating a national registry for bone marrow donors.

Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Lauren Boebert (R-CO) were the only two representatives to cast “Nay” votes for a bipartisan bill that otherwise would have passed the House floor unanimously.

Absent any stated objections to the bill from the famously unhinged right-wing weapons fetishists and purveyors of conspiracy theories, one can only imagine that they object to saving lives because any national registry is a toe-hold for the intrusion of deep state surveillance into the lives of any ordinary American.

Today, the bone marrow donors, tomorrow, the gun owners, one imagines the science-rejecting lawmakers thinking.

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After the news of the contrarian votes hit the internet, social media erupted in outrage towards two of America’s Trumpiest legislators.

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With Greene and Boebert attempting to enter the pantheon of evil villains, one must wonder when the superheroes will arrive to defeat them with a finality that will know no sequels.

Anyone who opposes life-saving measures out of a fit of political-ideological purity has no place in Congress much less within polite society. Send both of them back to the pine barrens from which they emerged and let the rest of America live long and prosper in peace.

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