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Don Jr.’s latest Instagram post comparing his father to Joe Biden astonishes social media

Don Jr.’s latest Instagram post comparing his father to Joe Biden astonishes social media

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Donald Trump Jr.’s latest Instagram post is getting plenty of reaction from social media users, but perhaps not the kind he had in mind.

The disgraced former president’s eldest son tried to make the claim for his father’s over-arching greatness when compared with the man who defeated him ignominiously in a landslide election last November despite the spurious claims of a stolen election from the misbegotten sore loser.

The strange thing is, however, the form in which he tried to convince the skeptical public of the truth of his comparative claims — a montage of photos that seem to do less to display Trump Sr.’s greatness than emphasize his hopeless buffoonery.

From the shot of Trump as the crazy old man yelling at a kid to get off his lawn to the display of fast food that he would feed victorious college sports teams rather than the haute cuisine of the White House kitchen to his moment of high fascism, holding a bible after having his stormtroopers clear the way to a photo op at a church he never attended to the disheveled attire that an exhausted Trump sported in a late-night return to the executive mansion, people reading Jr.’s post couldn’t help but wonder how much thought and effort he had put into the hodgepodge collage depicting his father in what most people saw as a less than flattering light.

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If Sigmund Freud were still alive today he might be invited onto cable news programs to parse any subconscious Oedipal impulses that may have gone into the choice of photos of his father that Don Jr. selected, but it seems so obvious to the casual observer that no expert interpretations are really needed.

Deprived of any official powers, however, neither Donald Trump Sr. nor his less-than-perceptive children can do much more than offer America an example not to follow and some occasional puerile humorous entertainment.

Otherwise, they’d be best advised to keep as low a profile as possible until the indictments are returned.

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