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Cornyn scrambles for damage control after Chris Wallace calls him out for Biden conspiracy tweets

Cornyn scrambles for damage control after Chris Wallace calls him out for Biden conspiracy tweets

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Last week, Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) beclowned himself by hopping on Twitter to whine that President Biden doesn’t tweet more. After tendering his pathetic complaint—which was really a tacit admission that he misses Donald Trump and all the chaos that his social media antics visited upon the world—Cornyn speculated that Biden might not “really” be “in charge.”

Cornyn didn’t elaborate on exactly what he meant by his insinuation, but many people understandably interpreted it as him implying that Biden isn’t all there mentally, a favorite conspiracy theory amongst right-wingers. These people continue to claim that the president is in a state of cognitive decline despite the fact that he easily handled Trump on the debate stage and has already eclipsed his predecessor in terms of accomplishments.

During an appearance on Fox News yesterday, Cornyn was asked by Chris Wallace if it’s “helpful” to question President Biden’s “mental facilities.” Rather than owning up to his controversial tweets, the senator insisted that he was being misinterpreted.

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“Well, Chris, thank you for the question,” said Cornyn. “Because I think there’s been a lot of confusion in the Twitterverse about that. That actually was a quote from a Politico story that I pasted into a tweet and then I simply asked a question.”

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“What I’m trying to do is reconcile the Joe Biden we heard from on January 20th, the Joe Biden that many of us know from his previous service in the United States Senate from the Joe Biden we’re seeing now jamming through $1.9 trillion of spending bills,” Cornyn went on, attacking the popular and necessary relief bill passed by the Biden administration. “I’ve learned in Washington, you not only need to listen to what people say, you need to watch what they do. And so far, there’s a conflict I’m trying to reconcile and I bet I’m not the only one.”

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Wallace refused to let Cornyn slip past the question so easily, and pressed him to answer if he thinks Biden is “really in charge.”

“That tweet was not meant to suggest anything about the President’s competency, physical or mental. I know some people have suggested that. Certainly wasn’t my intention. I simply tried to reconcile the rhetoric with the reality. And we need the reality to match the rhetoric and it’s not matching right now,” said Cornyn.

Viewers can decide after watching the clip whether they believe Cornyn or if they think he’s simply doing damage control after his tweets stirred up a furor. In any case, his broader criticisms of Biden are laughable. Cornyn isn’t upset that Biden isn’t matching his rhetoric because Biden is matching his rhetoric. He’s forging ahead with campaign promises and focusing on legislation that is materially improving the lives of many Americans. What Cornyn is really upset about is that Biden isn’t governing like a Republican.

Watch the interview below.

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