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Jesse Watters jumps down Black host’s throat after he criticizes police

Jesse Watters jumps down Black host’s throat after he criticizes police

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The Republican Party’s response to the murder of George Floyd by then-police officer Derek Chauvin has been nothing short of disgusting. As is often the case when a person of color is killed by police, conservatives have closed ranks around law enforcement by attacking Floyd’s character and implying that Chauvin did nothing wrong when he knelt on Floyd’s neck to the point of death. They want us to ignore the undeniable wave of police brutality devastating our communities of color because they care nothing for the lives lost.

On The Five today, Juan Williams momentarily broke away from the Fox News consensus to say that the video footage of George Floyd being killed has “added credibility to the idea that, you know what, the police often go to extremes that are indefensible when it comes to their handling of American citizens and especially citizens of color.”

“No that’s not true,” Jesse Watters jumped in. “They don’t often go to extremes Juan. That is not true. Police don’t often go to extremes. That’s just not true! And you should know that that’s not true.”

“Of course it’s true!” responded Williams.

“Juan, there’s 350 million Americans in this country. Everyone has a cell phone. Juan, everyone has a cell phone,” Watters said, talking over his cohost. “350 million Americans. There’s only a handful of these incidents a year. I actually think that speaks well to the police, don’t you?”

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“Well, no. I think that what you have is…” Juan began before getting interrupted by Pete Hegseth voicing his love for police body cameras.

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“Fine, but I’m just telling you, you know it’s reached to the point that you even get, you know, Evangelical ministers, Pat Robertson, saying ‘You know this is not acceptable.'” explained Williams. “I mean Pat Robertson’s not some far-left crazy. He’s not Black. He’s saying the way that police are dealing…” said Williams as Watters once again interrupted him to whine about efforts to “smear” the police.

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“I am not smearing,” said Williams. “I’m telling you Jesse there’s a history here. And as I said I could go through name after name. The reason that we are at this point, the reason that this case galvanized the nation’s attention is that it is on camera. It’s hard to say ‘No it didn’t happen,'” said Williams.

Watters’ shameful behavior and his refusal to even listen to his cohost is a sign of how deeply rooted the apathy towards Black lives is at Fox News. Watter has no idea what it’s like to be Black in America and is uninterested in trying to understand. Insulated by his extreme wealth and privilege as he is, he couldn’t care less about what the situation is actually like on the ground. He knows his aggrieved, aging white viewers want to be told that police are faultless and so that’s the message he’s peddling.

Watch the exchange below.

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