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Lauren Boebert’s attempt at Hunter Biden “cookbook” joke backfires bigly

Lauren Boebert’s attempt at Hunter Biden “cookbook” joke backfires bigly

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A good sign that, at least in secret, Republicans grudgingly recognize what a superb job Joe Biden is doing as president is their inability to stick to a single, cohesive line of criticism. As his administration moves forward with his ambitious agenda, pivoting from the successful $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill to his new infrastructure legislation, conservatives find themselves bouncing from one inane attack to other. Nowhere is this reality more apparent than in the constant attacks on Hunter Biden.

The president’s son has no part in his administration, a far cry from the nepotism that infested Donald Trump’s White House, and yet Republicans are constantly bringing up Biden’s son. One of their favorite things to do is mock his past struggles with substance abuse, a deeply cruel tactic as anyone who knows someone who has dealt with addiction knows. Hunter Biden has managed to overcome his drug issues, something which should be celebrated rather than ridiculed. But of course, Republicans aren’t exactly known for their empathy.

This morning, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), the gun-toting parody of a Congresswoman known for her past support of the QAnon conspiracy theory, attacked Hunter Biden on Twitter over the release of his new memoir. She said that he would have been better of writing a “‘cookbook’ instead of a memoir.” Presumably, she put the word cookbook in quotations as a reference to Hunter’s admission that during the depths of his addiction he cooked up crack cocaine.

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Pulling from what can only be a Mad Libs style book of unfunny, recycled conservative jokes, Boebert added that there “aren’t too many dishes in the Ukraine that call for Parmesan cheese.” The Ukraine bit is a reference to the right-wing conspiracy theories about Hunter’s time on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company. The parmesan cheese part is a reference to Hunter’s admission that he was once so desperate for drugs that he smoked parmesan cheese thinking it was crack cocaine. It’s a sad illustration of what drug abuse can do to a person, and it took bravery for him to admit it, which of course means heartless hacks like Boebert have weaponized it against him.

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Ironically, Boebert should know better than to attempt a joke about cooking, given that her restaurant gave numerous people horrendous food poisoning in the past. As is so often the case, she forgot to think before opening her mouth and succeeded only in reminding us all what an absolute clown she is.

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