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#RotInHell — Social media reacts to Derek Chauvin verdict with joy and exasperation

#RotInHell — Social media reacts to Derek Chauvin verdict with joy and exasperation

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When the verdict in the trial of police officer Derek Chauvin was finally announced this afternoon, a collective sigh of relief was uttered in rooms across the country as people realized that we would not likely be forced into another cycle of violent and destructive outpourings of rage over a potential miscarriage of justice.

It’s so unusual to see a verdict match up with the plainly visible facts — as they were revealed on videos of Chauvin draining the life out of George Floyd with his knee on his victim’s neck for over nine minutes — that people were barely prepared for the rare guilty verdict imposed upon a police officer clearly violating the law.

Instead of the outbursts of anger that an acquittal would have likely inspired in the crowd gathered outside the Minnesota courtroom awaiting the decision, the assembled justice seekers broke into cheers after the jury vindicated their demands for a fair determination of responsibility for police officers who violate their duties and decide that they have the right to play executioner without consequence.

People not on the scene at the courthouse took to social media to express their jubilation over the fact that, for once, the American judicial system did not reach an inexplicable decision and let Chauvin off the hook for his heinous behavior without a penalty, and, before long, #RotInHell was trending on Twitter.

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Here’s a small sample of the reactions to the verdict as found on Twitter this afternoon so far.

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With Chauvin’s bail revoked, the now acknowledged murderer was remanded into custody where he will be guarded by other law enforcement officers who will hopefully see his conviction as a cautionary tale for their future conduct.

Suffice it to say, however, that there are still many people who were not happy to see Derek Chauvin face accountability for his deadly actions.

Likely these are the same deplorables who cried “stolen election,” “Lock her up,” and “build the wall” who took their white hoods off long enough to tweet their racist opinions about how their sacred law enforcement officer was railroaded, despite the video evidence and expert testimony that the jurors all heard.

Let them bleat away. Today is a day to celebrate justice and the proper functioning of a legal system that often ignores that crucial component.

Today was a day when America finally got it right. Let’s keep it that way from now on.

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