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Fox guest claims Black Americans are trying to get killed by police on purpose for money

Fox guest claims Black Americans are trying to get killed by police on purpose for money

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For anyone with a heart, the conviction of former police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd is a cause for relief, a signal that perhaps police won’t always be able to gun down people of color with impunity. The entire world saw the video of Chauvin killing Floyd and anything less than a conviction on all counts would have been a miscarriage of justice.

For some Republicans, the verdict is a travesty. Many in the Blue Lives Matter crowd have chosen to side with this murderer despite the mountains of evidence demonstrating his guilt. To them, the police are entitled to do whatever they want in the interest of propping up the racist authoritarian elements baked into American society. They believe that Floyd deserved what happened to him and will say the same thing about the next innocent Black person the state murders.

Laura Ingraham, a cryptofascist Fox News host who has long trafficked in racist tropes and narratives, sank to a new low in her segment following the Chauvin verdict. She had on Brandon Tatum, a former cop and hack conservative commentator, who proceeded to make the outrageous claim that people are using police shootings as an “insurance policy.”

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“Nowadays it pays to be a crook,” said Tatum. “It pays to be a thug because if you can’t pass down money to your family by getting killed by another Black man — if you get killed by a cop you get $27 million paid to your family and another $20 million on GoFundMe. So this is becoming a trend. People are trying to go viral losing their lives…”

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The remarks truly have to be heard to believed. The suggestion that Black people are intentionally getting themselves murdered by police in order to enrich their families is crazy even by conspiracy theory standards. There is obviously no evidence for this deranged narrative and there isn’t a single case where the family of a deceased individueal wouldn’t rather have their loved one back than whatever money they managed to scrape together after the killing to pay for funeral expenses. This is the lowest form of victim-blaming imaginable and a reminder that these people don’t only want to ignore the police violence epidemic — they want to lie about it.

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