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Ted Cruz tries to use Biden remarks to justify “mistrial” for Derek Chauvin

Ted Cruz tries to use Biden remarks to justify “mistrial” for Derek Chauvin

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One would assume that in a sane society, the murder of a Black man by a police officer who knelt on his neck for nine minutes and said officer’s subsequent conviction would not be a cultural flashpoint — but unfortunately, there is nothing sane or reasonable about the state of politics in America right now. Nobody illustrates the rabid partisan dysfunction and complete refusal to exist in reality more than Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who attempted to argue that Derek Chauvin’s conviction should be tossed out on a mistrial because President Biden had an opinion about it.

On Tuesday evening, Ted Cruz took to Twitter to complain that the president had weighed in on how he hoped the trial would go, even though he didn’t actually specify what verdict he was hoping for. Jumping on the manufactured bad-faith right-wing howling over Maxine Waters’ calls for protests to continue and to show the nation that we “mean business” when it comes to fighting for racial equality and an end to the incessant murders of Black Americans by the police, Cruz claimed that Biden’s remarks “provided grounds for a mistrial” as he attempted to portray it as having influenced the jury.

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However, what Cruz fails to point out is that Biden deliberately waited until the jury was sequestered before making his remarks, meaning they could not have impacted their decision either way. “As he also noted, the jury is sequestered, which is why he spoke to this,” she continued. “But I would expect he will weigh in more further once there is a verdict and I’m not going to provide additional analysis on what he meant,” said White House press secretary Jen Psaki in response to media questions about the President’s remarks.

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The real point that Ted Cruz is making here is that he desperately wants to provide grounds for a mistrial and appeal to challenge a guilty conviction because the fanatical white supremacist Trump wing of the GOP not only demands the unquestioning acceptance of anything law enforcement does but actively celebrates the killing of Black Americans — and as Ted Cruz tries to retain political relevancy by sucking up to the extremist wing of the Republican Party, he’s letting his natural delight of cruelty and trollish contrarianism run wild.

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