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Ana Navarro leads mockery of MTG after she admits that she hasn’t read AOC’s bill

Ana Navarro leads mockery of MTG after she admits that she hasn’t read AOC’s bill

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It should come as little surprise that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a woman who has proven herself so susceptible to braindead conspiracy theories that she has garnered the nickname “The QAnon Congresswoman,” doesn’t always exactly do her homework. She has long been an outspoken critic of the Green New Deal championed by people like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) but yesterday she revealed that she hasn’t even read the legislation.

Greene has been bugging AOC to debate her on the bill and yesterday she posted a photo of the two talking and claimed that they were discussing a possible debate. She promised to “finish reading all 14 pages” of the Green New Deal, revealing in the process that she hasn’t read it and has been too lazy to get through fourteen measly pages before launching her broadsides against the bill. A normal person would be embarrassed to admit that they have yet to read the thing they spend so much time whining about, but Greene seems incapable of behaving normally in any fashion.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Greene followed up with another claiming that she has now read AOC’s “14 page Communist manifesto.” Since she mislabeled it “Communist” it’s safe to assume she didn’t read it, didn’t understand it, or is simply lying.

Like so many other bad faith Republicans, Greene throws around the word “Communist” to refer to anything she doesn’t like. In this case, she doesn’t like the Green New Deal (assuming she’s actually read it) because she knows the massive fossil fuel corporations that help prop up the GOP don’t like the bill. They’d rather watch the world burn than see the profits dip.

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For the record, devising a bill to fight the existential threat that is climate change isn’t “Communist,” it’s simple survival.

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As is so often the case when Greene opens her mouth to let the crazy come pouring out, she was met with a wave of mockery. Many focused on her admission that she hasn’t read the bill she purports to oppose while others expressed simple surprise that she can read at all.

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