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Marjorie Taylor Greene calls AOC a “scared little girl” who is “pretty stupid” in offensive video

Marjorie Taylor Greene calls AOC a “scared little girl” who is “pretty stupid” in offensive video

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is desperate to debate Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on the merits—or in Greene’s opinion lack thereof—of the Green New Deal, not because she has a genuine interest in understanding the bill or discussing the threat of climate change but because she loves the limelight.

Yesterday, Greene admitted that she had not even read the 14-page bill despite constantly attacking it, an admission that unleashed a deluge of well-deserved mockery. She later tweeted that she had finally gotten around to reading it but ludicrously referred to it as “Communist.” Apparently, Republicans think that ensuring a habitable Earth for future generations has something to do with Marxism.

It’s as yet unclear if AOC has any interest in a debate with the infamously dimwitted Greene but it seems like it would be a mistake on her part. Greene has no interest in a good-faith discussion and a woman who believes that Democrats are secretly molesting and sacrificing children to Satan is not the kind of person likely to be swayed by facts. Better to ignore her incessant invites and focus on continuing the work of the American people. That said, the QAnon Congresswoman seems determined to get what she wants.

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In a new video, Greene stated that she has read the Green New Deal and is ready to debate AOC on the floor of the House. True to form, she then immediately pivoting to insulting her Democratic rival.

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“So this is what we’re going to be doing — the date hasn’t been set, but when it is set, I will let you know,” said Greene. “And she better show up. If she chickens out, then she shows exactly who she really is, a scared little girl that is pretty stupid and doesn’t know anything about the economy or economics. And she boasts that she does because she has a ‘degree’ in economics but she doesn’t have enough common sense to actually be able to produce anything in the real world. She just has a government job,” added Greene, who also holds a government job.”

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There is a staggering hypocrisy to Marjorie Taylor Greene, arguably one of the stupidest people to ever be elected to Congress, calling anyone else stupid, let alone someone as intelligent and articulate as Ocasio-Cortez. This jab is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to goad AOC into a debate and Greene is employing all of the psychological complexity of a child throwing rocks. If she somehow succeeds in convincing AOC to do it Greene will be drubbed and exposed as the unmitigated moron she truly is.

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