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Ted Cruz gets ambushed about Cancun and swiftly runs away

Ted Cruz gets ambushed about Cancun and swiftly runs away

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What would you ask Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) if you bumped into him on the street?

For many, the answer to that question would probably include some choice words not generally considered fit for family consumption, but for Noah Mitchell, a young man in Washington DC, the question was more than hypothetical.

Mitchell, armed only with a mobile phone, encountered the seditious Texas senator on the streets of the capital city and had to think quickly about what he would say if the Senator would agree to a quick video selfie.

With so many topics to discuss with the senator and so little time that he would likely command Cruz’s attention, the choice of what to ask was crucial.

Should he inquire about the right-wing senator’s ludicrous lies about Democrats stealing Supreme Court seats to divert attention from the fact that it was the GOP’s Senator Mitch McConnell who prevented President Obama’s nominee to the court from being considered in a Senate confirmation vote?

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Perhaps he should ask the Texas senator about his alleged illegal use of campaign funds to buy copies of his own book?

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Mitchell may have thought that questions about either of those two options — or the many other dunder-headed political positions that Cruz has taken — would be too confrontational for the casual exchange with the senator.

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Instead, he took a more subtle approach, asking a smiling Cruz “How was Cancun, senator?”

Cruz continues smiling through the question, albeit with a look in his eyes that displays a realization that he was being ambushed by an unfriendly political opponent of his policies.

Cruz quickly disengaged and walked off, careful not to display his annoyance with the unexpectedly insinuating question while he knew that the camera might still be rolling.

Despite Cruz’s composure, Mitchell truly owned the Texas senator for a brief, shining moment which you can witness in the video that he posted to Twitter and is attached below for your viewing pleasure.

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Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that Noah Mitchell will ever discover the truth about Senator Ted Cruz’s enjoyment level during his tropical getaway while his fellow Texans were freezing their butts off and suffering from outages of electricity and clean water.

One cannot fault him for not trying to get the truth straight from the horse’s mouth, however.

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