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Woman mic drops dating app match, serves him up to FBI after he brags he stormed Capitol

Woman mic drops dating app match, serves him up to FBI after he brags he stormed Capitol

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App dating is a crapshoot. You can be chatting with someone, getting along great, considering a first date when all of a sudden they drop something about themselves that not only kills your interest but makes you wonder why you were even attracted to them in the first place. Maybe they hate dogs. Maybe they bathe once a month. Or maybe they took part in a deadly insurrection against the federal government instigated by a defeated and delusional authoritarian president. The Washington Post reports that that’s exactly what happened to an unnamed user of the Bumble dating app.

The woman in question received a message from a man named Robert Chapman bragging that he had taken part in the January 6th siege of the Capitol.

“I did storm the capitol. I made it all the way to Statuary Hall,” he wrote, adding that he even did interviews on the topic.

“We are not a match,” she responded before contacting law enforcement. Based on the tip, the FBI then reviewed body cam footage from police officers present on the day and discovered video of Chapman inside Statuary Hall. They arrested him yesterday and he has now been charged with trespassing and disrupting official government operations.

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Clearly not a shining example of the greatest intellects our species has to offer, Chapman also posted on Facebook about taking part in the insurrection, going so far as to change his display photo to one of him from the 6th. A friend of his also posted a photograph of him inside Statuary Hall with the comment: “My Dear friend and Brostar Robert made it in the Capitol building at the protest yesterday. Wooo Hooooooooo!!!!”

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Chapman now joins the wave of insurrectionists who have been located by authorities and hit with serious charges over their role in the insurrection. Many of them presumably thought they’d be insulated from consequences because the literal president was urging them on but are now finding that Trump’s blanket of protection is nonexistent now that he’s out of office.

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Hopefully, justice is served in this case and Chapman faces the consequences he richly deserves. It’s imperative that the government send a strong message to all would-be right-wing insurrectionists that trying to overthrow our Republic will be met with the harshest of punishments. These people need to be made an example of if we are going to maintain a stable democracy.

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