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Donald Trump Jr. and Lauren Boebert slammed for spreading lies about supposed Biden meat rationing

Donald Trump Jr. and Lauren Boebert slammed for spreading lies about supposed Biden meat rationing

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Any person concerned about the environment and the ravages of our planet’s climate crisis must seriously consider that data pointing to the industrial raising and harvesting of farm animals for human consumption as a major source of methane emissions that are rapidly degrading our atmosphere and contributing to global environmental catastrophe.

To climate crisis denialists like Donald Trump Jr. and right-wing extremist Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO), however, any talk of reducing the consumption of red meat in favor of a more environmentally friendly, primarily plant-based diet is like a heresy that their blood-lusting palates simply cannot abide.

Responding to misleading reports on Fox News and the UK’s The Daily Mail about how President Biden’s plans to address climate change could encourage Americans to reduce their meat consumption by 90% by the year 2030, both Trump Jr. and Rep. Boebert embarrassed themselves by ranting loudly on social media against a policy that has never been announced by the administration and which was denounced as a speculative and false invention of climate change deniers by fact-checkers at

Donald Trump Jr. was so incensed by the idea of his filet mignons being pried from his grasping fingers that he felt compelled to post his opposition to the non-existent threat on both Twitter and Instagram where he posted two separate defiant, fear-mongering memes indicating that he was not going to give up his carnivorous diet anytime soon.

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That’s a pretty strong reaction to a story categorically rated “FALSE” by Snopes when it responded to Congresswoman Boebert’s tweet of the same false lie about the Biden administration’s intent.

Snopes set the record straight by providing the following context for the completely inaccurate social media post.

“Biden announced that his administration would seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. The Daily Mail ran a story that asserted, in entirely theoretical terms, that the policy “could” require Americans to reduce their meat consumption by 90%. Politicians like Rep. Lauren Boebert retweeted the Daily Mail’s speculation as fact,” the fact-checking website wrote.

Both Trump Jr. and Rep. Boebert faced pushback for their posts from more than just Snopes, as the replies to their tweets demonstrated.

Duplicitous Republicans like Donald Trump Jr. and Rep. Boebert can spread all the lies they want, anyone with an ounce of intelligence will quickly see through their lies and call them out publicly for their cynical political manipulations.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of American voters with minimal mental discernment who may not pay close enough attention to legitimate news sources to realize that they are being fed a heavy dose of malicious right-wing propaganda by unscrupulous members of a corrupt GOP.

It’s time to make sure that anyone that each of us is in contact with knows that the claims about the Biden administration’s climate plans and its supposed ban on burgers and other red meat are just another right-wing assault using damaging misinformation to attack their political opposition.

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Original reporting by Alex Kasprak at

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