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A laughing Morning Joe rips Kevin McCarthy to pieces over his “pathetic” defense of Trump

A laughing Morning Joe rips Kevin McCarthy to pieces over his “pathetic” defense of Trump

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The Republican Party is deeply invested in rewriting history. They want to pretend that the events of January 6th never happened, that the leader of their party—the odious man they foisted into the Oval Office to ram their regressive agenda down the throats of the American people—didn’t incite a deadly insurrection against the duly elected government.

Over the weekend, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) gave a shameful interview with Chris Wallace in which he tried to whitewash Trump’s behavior leading up to and during the Capitol siege. He refused to condemn the disgraced former president’s actions and evaded a question about whether or not Trump dismissed his concerns about the riot by saying “Well Kevin, I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are,” implying the violence was justified because the insurrectionists had bought into Trump’s Big Lie about the election being stolen.

On Morning Joe today, hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski ripped into McCarthy with some blunt, brutal criticisms. They ran a clip of McCarthy talking about the seriousness of the insurrection shortly after it occurred followed by a clip of the Chris Wallace interview. The contrast in tone couldn’t be any sharper — McCarthy went from denouncing the insurrection to papering over Trump’s role in it.

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“Oh my god, that is so weak. That is so weak. Oh my gosh. Oh my lord. That is so sad,” said a laughing Scarborough after the clip finished playing.

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“It’s so sad but Joe it works with this group of people that will refuse to turn away from Trumpism,” said Brzezinski.

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“I guess they like following weak, weak people. Weak, weak leaders,” said Scarborough.

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“It is pathetic,” replied Brzezinski.

“No I’m saying maybe they like their leaders weak. I guess to each their own,” said Scarborough. “I shouldn’t judge people. If you want a sad, pathetic weak leader, there are a lot of them out there for Republicans to follow right now.”

Frankly, laughing mockery is better than McCarthy deserves at this point. He is a disgrace to his country and will be remembered as one of the worst enablers of the worst president in history. He’s a coward who should be voted out of office and ostracized from polite society.

Watch below.

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