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MTG attacks Biden for rejecting “unity” by inviting a safe number of people to Congressional address

MTG attacks Biden for rejecting “unity” by inviting a safe number of people to Congressional address

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President Biden’s first year in office has thus far been a roaring success with all indications that he will continue to pass legislation aimed at everything from repairing our nation’s crumbling infrastructure to fighting the worst effects of climate change. He is zeroed in on the most pressing issues facing the American people and is determined to pass the massive, necessary spending bills needed to tackle them.

At the same time, the Republicans who sat by and watched as Donald Trump skyrocketed the deficit and handed out massive tax cuts to the super-rich have suddenly rediscovered the concept of “fiscal conservatism.” Not a single one of them voted in favor of the desperately needed COVID relief bill and then many of them turned around and slammed Biden for not being “bipartisan” enough.

The reality is that Biden’s legislation has been broadly bipartisan because a majority of American voters support what he’s been doing. A few grandstanding Republican politicians opposing popular policies doesn’t mean Biden isn’t bipartisan, it means they aren’t.

Later today, Biden is set to give his first presidential joint address to Congress. Given the ongoing pandemic, fewer people than usual will be in attendance. Roughly 200 are expected.

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), the unhinged woman known as the Qanon Congresswoman who has cultivated a reputation for dangerous misinformation and hack partisan attacks, claimed that the reduced attendance number for tonight shows Biden’s “extreme partisanship.”

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As usual, Greene is trying to fabricate her own reality for political gain. The reason all of Congress won’t be there tonight isn’t because Biden banned Republicans or because they’re refusing to attend, it’s because this administration takes the coronavirus seriously and doesn’t want to needlessly endanger the lives of elected officials.

Greene added that Biden and the Democratic Party are only concerned with “passing their radical progressive agenda and making you pay for it.” While her spin is unfair and dishonest, the characterization of the Biden administration as single-minded in its goals is accurate — and a good thing.

This White House and the Democratic Party backing it only care about passing legislation that is going to help the American people and prepare this country for the coming century. Republicans don’t want the government to pay for anything because they serve the 1%. For the rest of us, Biden’s spending is a welcome change of pace.

She ended by saying that Biden lied when he said he wanted “unity,” a deeply hypocritical accusation coming from a woman who has supported the idea that her political opponents are literally Satanic, cannibalistic, child molesters. Until Republican politicians return to the land of sanity there can be no real unity. Biden is under no obligation to make common cause with lunatics like Greene.

Responses to Greene’s tweet ranged from the brutally mocking to the incredulous.

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