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Stephen Miller provokes furious backlash after smearing Biden’s “lifeless” speech

Stephen Miller provokes furious backlash after smearing Biden’s “lifeless” speech

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Donald Trump has a reputation for a lot of things: incompetence, racism, ignorance, selfishness, sexual predation… The list goes on but one thing he most certainly isn’t known for is his oratory talent.

Trump’s speeches, though popular with a certain type of person, were never impressive in any kind of rhetorical sense. The man can barely string a coherent thought together and so always relied on pure bombast, energy, and an ability to tap into the grievances of his audience. They were sometimes entertaining, never statesmanlike. If you were to read a transcript of one of his rallies it would be borderline incomprehensible, like the diary scribblings of an elderly man gripped by cognitive decay.

Recognizing this undeniable fact about the former president, one can’t help but read the latest tweets from his former Senior Advisor Stephen Miller with anything but disbelief. The weasel-dressed-in-a-human-skin-suit that is Mr. Miller attacked President Biden over his joint address to Congress last night. The speech was immensely popular, with most Americans approving of Biden’s delivery and the vision he laid out for the country, but Miller, ever the partisan hatchman, tried in vain to tear into it. Backlash was swift, with close to 13,000 responses to his tweet springing up.

He started off by whining that the speech used a “laundry list” style, which he claims is the “least inspired format” for such an address. Presumably, he was referring to the way in which Biden clearly and methodically laid out his policy plans for America. For Miller, a man used to serving a president with no plans for the country and no policies other than vilifying immigrants and shoveling more money to the super-rich, Biden’s approach was understandably confusing.

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Miller went on to criticize Biden as being “tedious & unoriginal” in his rhetoric, a deeply dishonest characterization of the bold agenda Biden sketched out last night. Absurdly, Miller also claimed that there was “no outreach, no bipartisanship, no surprises, no warmth,” descriptions which far better suit Donald Trump than President Biden. Trump was the most divisive president this country has had in ages. He existed solely to torment his political enemies and vilify Democrats.

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More importantly, Biden isn’t obligated to make common cause with people who want to dismantle the social safety net, empower racists, and spread dangerous conspiracy theories. Biden’s bipartisanship comes in the form of serving as broad a swath of the American public as possible, not kowtowing to bad faith reactionary politicians.

Since it’s Stephen Miller, he couldn’t resist the urge to rattle off some xenophobic fearmongering about the border as well. Not surprisingly, he drastically exaggerated the situation and completely ignored his former boss’s role in exacerbating the conditions along the border. On this topic as in all things, it’s best to do the opposite of what Stephen Miller proposes. If you want advice on how to catch a rat with your bare teeth for lunch, he’s your man. If you want advice on how to handle migration in a humane way, you’re better off trusting President Biden.

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