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Trump runs to Fox News and cries that he didn’t get enough credit in Biden speech

Trump runs to Fox News and cries that he didn’t get enough credit in Biden speech

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Whenever Donald Trump is feeling underappreciated, he can always count on Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo to offer a sympathetic platform for him to whine about how badly the new Biden administration is treating him.

This morning, after President Biden’s address to a condensed joint session of Congress that outlined his ambitious legislative agenda and included some self-congratulatory notes on the success of his administration’s rapid rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines, Trump called into Bartiromo’s program to unload his deep resentment for not getting enough credit from the Democratic president for developing the vaccine that he “did,” at least in his mind.

As usual, Bartiromo egged the disgraced ex-president on with a comment designed to elicit his stream of unwarranted moans about his persecution.

As Trump began attacking Biden’s speech for not putting a heavier focus on the hyped-up “crisis” at the southern border — a problem that the former guy pathetically addressed with his boondoggle of an ineffective and never-completed border wall — Bartiromo jumped in to goad him:

“Unfortunately, Mr. President, this administration is blaming you and your administration and they refuse to give you any credit for many of the accomplishments you’ve had,” the Fox Business host interjected.

“You see how they’re blaming you on everything and they do not attribute the successes that you had to your administration,” she later added. “How do you feel about that?”

That was all the encouragement Trump needed to launch into a lament over the copious wounds that he believes that he has suffered at the hands of his successor.

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“It’s ridiculous,” Trump responded to Bartiromo’s set up. “Obviously they’re very ungracious people. I did the vaccine. They like to take the vaccine. But even the fake news isn’t giving them credit for that. We did the vaccine, saved tens of millions of lives throughout the world by coming up with a vaccine. If I weren’t president, vaccine, you wouldn’t have a vaccine for five years, three to five years would be the minimum. I got it done in less than nine months. And that’s only because of me.”

Yes, the science-adverse former president would have you believe that he and he alone was responsible for developing the life-saving vaccine that he himself was secretly inoculated with and has done little to promote among his many vaccine-shunning followers.

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Trump even tried to claim credit for the distribution of the vaccine, a process that accelerated tremendously once the Biden administration took over the national coordination of the distribution efforts.

“We had a great delivery system and all they did is take what we had and keep it moving,” the ex-president claimed, referencing his sluggish Operation Warp Speed efforts.

Trump went on to insinuate that the temporary halt in the distribution of the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to a very few incidents where recipients developed unusual blood clots was actually motivated by a political decision to appease pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, the manufacturer of a competing vaccine.

Social media did not respond well to the former president’s self-involved ranting.

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If only Trump could adhere to the unspoken wisdom that other former presidents have followed in refusing to comment on the current occupant of the White House.

That’s the sort of graciousness that needs to be exhibited here, not the phony offense at not being recognized for his imaginary contributions to a fight against a pandemic that his failures to contain properly largely caused to spin out of control.

With enablers like Maria Bartiromo, Trump will bleat loudly in his own self-interest all day long, and Fox News will be happy to reap the associated advertising dollars.

If only Fox News would banish him from their platform as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube did, the world would be a better place.

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Original reporting by Ken Meyer at Mediaite and by Matthew Chapman at RawStory.

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