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Newsmax anchor cannot understand why Joe Biden would give his wife a flower

Newsmax anchor cannot understand why Joe Biden would give his wife a flower

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Earlier this week, President Joe Biden went viral for stopping to pick a dandelion up off the ground and giving it to his wife as they walked towards Marine One. The sweet, simple gesture provoked admiration and happiness from the vast majority of people whose brains haven’t been entirely melted into sludge by the toxins of paranoid conspiracy and partisan zealotry.

Unfortunately, there are far, far too many people who have entirely lost their minds in the wake of the Trump presidency, and for some reason, many of them have jobs in television. A Newsmax host, really reaching for some reason to get furiously mad at President Biden, could not seem to understand why anyone would do something nice for their wives and became convinced that … the dandelion was planted.

That’s right folks, the deep state is planting flowers on the White House lawn so that Joe Biden can, uh, show the world that he loves his wife.

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“He picks up the weed and gives it to Jill as what I guess is supposed to be some kind of a sweet gesture, getting dandelions all over the place!” complains the Newsmax anchor.

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After four years of watching Melania Trump look miserable and repeatedly spurn her husband’s insincere attempts at showing her affection, perhaps this angry thumb has forgotten that usually husbands and wives care for each other and do nice things for each other out of genuine love and affection instead of performative obligation.

We think it’s nice that the President does cute things for his wife. It’s evidence that he is not an amoral narcissist incapable of seeing other human beings around him as anything more than objects that exist to be manipulated and exploited for his own selfish gains, like the last president was. But hey, maybe that’s just us. Maybe we need to dig deeper into the White House lawn to find out what’s really going on here.

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