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Jim Jordan’s campaign hit with fresh scandal over millions of dollars in “discrepancies”

Jim Jordan’s campaign hit with fresh scandal over millions of dollars in “discrepancies”

"Gym" Jordan speaks out against sexual harassment bill

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The Republican Party tends to attract the very worst that politics has to offer, ranging from sexual predators like Donald Trump to alleged sexual predators like Matt Gaetz to men like Jim Jordan who, to be fair, isn’t a sexual predator himself but instead simply ignored the rampant sexual abuse happening all around him during his time as a wrestling coach at Ohio State. With this understanding of his sterling character in mind, it should come as little surprise that he now finds himself embroiled in a fresh scandal.

The Daily Beast reports that Rep. Jordan’s campaign committee was hit with a total of ten notices from the Federal Election Commission over nearly $3 million in accumulated discrepancies in their filings over the past two years. Jordan’s people insist that the issues were accidental and a result of the campaign being inundated with money. It’s possible that the scale of these discrepancies could prompt the FEC to open an official investigation.

Writes Roger Sollenberg for The Daily Beast:

“The notices, sent in batches between Feb. 28 and March 2, come in reply to more than a dozen amended reports correcting errors that the campaign caught in a sweeping review of filings, going as far back as 2018. One of the filings discloses errors in spending and fundraising totaling $1,470,286.48.”

The FEC has informed Jordan’s campaign that an audit or enforcement action may be implemented if they fail to address the issue in satisfactory fashion. True to Republican form, the campaign’s spokesman Kevin Eichinger tried to throw someone else under the bus in his statement to The Daily Beast.

“The campaign has filed an amendment with the FEC to correct its campaign finance reports going back to 2018. There was never any money missing from the account. In fact, the campaign’s cash balance is actually higher than previously listed on the campaign finance reports. The error occurred when the former campaign treasurer inadvertently double-reported certain fundraising expenses. When the error was discovered, the campaign hired an outside expert to conduct a comprehensive audit and file the appropriate amendments,” said Eichinger.

The Daily Beast further reports that the discrepancies may be rooted in the methods through which the GOP fundraises for political campaigns. There exists a subterranean world in which Republican campaigns funnel money to consulting firms which help them raise their media profile—for example, Jordan’s repeated appearances on conservative news outlets during the Trump years—and then take a chunk of the funds raised. Jordan’s campaign appears to have incorrectly reported expenses paid to such vendors.

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It’s as yet unclear how this issue will be resolved and it is possible that the discrepancies were simply accidental — but given Jordan’s well-documented history of moral depravity one can’t rule out the possibility that there is something more sinister going on here. Regardless of what happens, this story should serve as a gentle reminder to the people of Ohio that they would be much better off electing anyone other than Jordan.

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