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Republican “E.T.” meme attack on Biden falls flat in embarassing fashion

Republican “E.T.” meme attack on Biden falls flat in embarassing fashion

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The Republican Party is known for a lot of things: kleptocracy, xenophobia, mendacity, authoritarianism… But one thing it is most definitely not known for is its sense of humor. For far too many conservatives, the height of humor is a lazy racist joke or some quadruple-reheated bit about gender identities. Their memes are as trash as the politicians who represent their interests.

As if setting out to prove the truism that conservatives are never funny, the official Republican National Committee research account on Twitter tweeted out an image from the beloved Steven Spielberg film E.T. with the hero Elliot’s face photoshopped to like like Vice President Kamala Harris and E.T.’s face edited to look like President Biden.

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“Biden’s $3 TRILLION tax hikes are truly out of this world,” wrote the Republican running the account, someone who has apparently never seen the film in question. Elliot and E.T. are the protagonists of the film. Presumably, the GOP doesn’t want to imply that Harris and Biden are heroes but that’s exactly what this meme does. Apparently, Republican hatred of “aliens” extends far beyond those who are simply undocumented.

As for the criticism itself, Republicans are all too happy to skyrocket the deficit and give massive handouts to the super-rich when they’re in power but the moment Democrats seize the White House and start proposing spending programs that would materially improve the lives of everyday Americans they lose their minds. Not surprisingly, Twitter users were quick to mock the image.

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