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Ted Cruz struggles to defend himself after delusional Trump fan corners him about 2020 election

Ted Cruz struggles to defend himself after delusional Trump fan corners him about 2020 election

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The elected Republican Party is a rogues’ gallery of creeps, crooks, sexual predators, psychopaths, racists, and morons and yet somehow Senator Ted Cruz (TX) still somehow manages to stand apart in a league of his own.

As oily as he is spineless and as physically revolting as he is morally depraved, Cruz managed over the past four years to contort his rubbery form again and again, transforming from a harsh critic of Trump into one of his most obsequious lapdogs after it became clear that the GOP base had aligned behind the former reality television host.

Cruz was one of the more prominent Republicans to fan the flames of Trump’s Big Lie that the election was stolen through mass voter fraud. After Joe Biden won the election in a landslide, Cruz added weight to Trump’s attempts to overturn the election by treating the clearly fake allegations of fraud as legitimate and calling for an investigation into the baseless claims.

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Cruz, who in the past weathered lies from Trump that he cheated to win the 2016 Republican Iowa caucuses, had to know there was no truth to the accusation that Biden stole the election. But he also knew that he could win the approval of the MAGA base by boosting the dangerous misinformation and so he did just that. It’s a decision that will define his place in the history books and, judging by a new viral clip, his public appearances.

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A new video shows a deeply delusional Trump supporter pushing up against Cruz to ask him why he “didn’t do more to fight for President Trump” on January 6th, the day the election was certified and the insurrection ignited.

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“Well, I led the objections and the Senate voted it down,” said Cruz, eager to burnish his MAGA credentials.

“But you could have done more. I mean, we all know that Joe Biden didn’t win this election. I know in my heart of hearts that Joe Biden did not win this election,” said the woman, whose brain has clearly been melted by consuming too much right-wing media.

At that point, any politician with a shred of honesty or courage would have stopped her to tell her she was wrong. But as usual, Cruz slithered away from the truth.

“I led the fight. At the end of the day, you got to have the votes on the floor of the Senate,” said Cruz.

“What are you going to do to stop Big Tech from silencing conservatives? What are you going to do?” the woman asked, pivoting to the next two-digit IQ talking point doing the rounds in the conserva-sphere these days.

“I gotta… I gotta take pictures,” said Cruz, clearly uncomfortable and eager to escape.

“Are you going to stop Facebook and Twitter from canceling conservatives?” the woman asked.

“I am leading the fight every day, okay?” Cruz responded.

“Thank you sir,” said the woman.

Watch the interaction below to remind yourself of what a lowly little worm Ted Cruz is.

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