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Kevin McCarthy absurdly claims that Republicans don’t support the Big Lie shortly after Cheney vote

Kevin McCarthy absurdly claims that Republicans don’t support the Big Lie shortly after Cheney vote

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By voting to remove Rep. Liz Cheney (WI) from her position as the 3rd-ranking member of House Republican leadership this morning, the Republican Party has signaled loud and clear that they have absolutely no interest in the truth. Cheney was ousted for having the courage to denounce Trump’s Big Lie that the election was stolen by President Biden through some elaborate voter fraud conspiracy. Pandering to their MAGA-poisoned base is all that matters to Republicans now, and anyone who dares to reject this cynical form of politicking will be discarded as ruthlessly as Cheney has been.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), one of the masterminds of the anti-Cheney push, displayed his now-infamous two-faced nature shortly after the vote to remove her from her position. He attended a meeting with President Biden and had the audacity afterward to claim that he doesn’t believe “anybody is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election” and that such beliefs are “all over with.” As proof of his blatantly false claim, McCarthy pointed out that he had just met with the president.

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Could this man possibly any more disingenuous? Cheney was voted out specifically because she refused to go along with the growing GOP consensus that the election was stolen. Trump himself continues to release statements insisting that he actually won in 2020. One survey recently found that 65% percent of Republican voters think Biden’s presidency is due solely to voter fraud. The Big Lie is no longer a fringe idea, it’s a central platform of the GOP. McCarthy is lying about it because admitting the truth is simply too embarrassing and deranged and will likely scare away independent voters.

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While McCarthy was feigning bipartisanship by acting as if he recognizes Biden as president and wants to work with him, his campaign was busy blasting out a text message calling him “Corrupt Joe Biden” and accusing him of pushing a “radical Socialist agenda.” By now, the term socialism has lost all meaning in the United States and conservatives just use it to smear anything they don’t like, most often policies that benefit the average citizen rather than the super-rich.

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McCarthy is a weak man, a terrible American, and an active threat to democracy. Voters must reject him.

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