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Republicans pathetically trie to blame Joe Biden for Chik-fil-A sauce problems

Republicans pathetically trie to blame Joe Biden for Chik-fil-A sauce problems

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Republicans are desperate to find something, anything that they can spin into a crisis for the Biden administration. After four years of kleptocratic chaos under Donald Trump, the United States has once again returned to competent governance but the GOP wants you to believe that the country is spiraling out of control.

After failing to spread the lie that Biden is suffering from cognitive decline, conservatives tried to paint the situation at the border as an existential threat with little success, then they went after President Biden for wearing a mask, then they tried to blame him for gas shortages caused by a ransomware attack on a private company. Now it appears they want you to think he’s responsible for a decrease in the availability of dipping sauces.

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In a new article that is genuinely beyond parody, compiled a series of tweets blaming Joe Biden for Chick-fil-A’s reported shortage of its special sauce. “Chik-fil-A sauce shortage blamed on ‘Joe Biden’s America”” reads the title of the piece in question.

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Citing such braindead luminaries as Senator Ted Cruz, the article is eager to show examples of people heaping blame on Biden but completely fails to explain how this nonissue could possibly be the president’s fault.

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It’s difficult to stress just how staggeringly idiotic this take is. One wonders if these Republicans are actually this stupid or simply acting in bad faith. The sauce shortages are a result of an ongoing problem with global supply chains that is in no way President Biden’s fault.

Since the supply chain issues are a result of the pandemic, it would make much more sense to lay the blame at the feet of Donald Trump, the man who downplayed, neglected, and then totally botched the United States’s response to the coronavirus, worsening the crisis for the rest of the world. If there had been competent leadership in the White House when the outbreak first started things wouldn’t have deteriorated so quickly and the world would find itself in a much stronger position. In that scenario, Republicans would be able to lather themselves in as much sauce as they like.

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