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White House throws shade at Trump with a statement on the release of Biden’s tax returns

White House throws shade at Trump with a statement on the release of Biden’s tax returns

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The White House released President Joe Biden’s tax returns today in what constitutes yet another marked departure from the behavior of his disastrous predecessor. Trump refused to release his tax returns while running in 2016 and persisted in this refusal throughout his presidency, becoming the first president in decades to deny such transparency to the American people.

The New York Times eventually discovered that Trump failed to pay any income taxes whatsoever for ten years out of a fifteen-year stretch by exploiting and writing off massive losses. The man wanted to run this country but couldn’t even be bothered to contribute his fair share towards keeping it up and running. His entire life he has cheated and stolen and ended up rewarded for his efforts by MAGA voters who were blind to what he really is.

In contrast, Biden and his wife Jill earned a combined $607,336 last year and paid 25.9% of that towards federal taxes. While a well-connected vice president like Biden could have certainly called on a similar army of accountants and tax attorneys to reduce his payable taxes the way Trump did, Biden understands that Americans have a patriotic duty to contribute to our collective welfare. The Bidens also donated $30,704 to charities.

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The Biden White House put out a statement on the tax returns and included a jab at Trump. It stated that President Biden released his 2020 returns “continuing an almost uninterrupted tradition.” While it didn’t mention Biden’s defeated rival by name, Donald has been the only president since Nixon to hide his returns. Once again, we see the stark difference between 45 and 46.

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