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Ana Navarro torches Republican leaders for their shameless Jan 6th hypocrisy

Ana Navarro torches Republican leaders for their shameless Jan 6th hypocrisy

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On January 6th, 2021, the whole world watched in abject horror as a rabid mob of right-wing fanatics, incited by Donald Trump and his lickspittles in Congress, invaded the Capitol building in the hopes of lynching the vice-president and disrupting a peaceful and democratic transition of power. But before our very eyes, we are watching the Republican Party’s leadership shamelessly attempt to recast those events and rewrite reality to suit the whims and agenda of Donald Trump.

Republican Congressmen, many of whom helped incite the mob in the first place, are publicly defending the rioters and their actions. They call them “peaceful patriots” and “tourists,” as if it was a school trip of eighth-graders that got out of hand rather than a mass of rabble that clashed with Capitol police and stormed the seat of the American government. Now Republican leadership is publicly opposing a special commission to investigate the event, concocting transparently preposterous excuses in order to protect their own members from being caught up in its web — for they know just how guilty they are.

Former Republican strategist Ana Navarro took to Twitter to hammer the Republican Party’s hypocritical public opposition to the investigative commission while styling themselves as the party of “Law and Order.”

While we all know at this point that the Republican Party’s whole “law and order” schtick is just code for “white supremacy” and that the Republican Party stands for nothing except the narcissistic impulses of Donald Trump, it is astonishing to see the “Back the Blue” fanatics suddenly pretend that the images of the Trump mob beating and macing Capitol police officers never existed.

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It’s even more insane to see them try to pretend that the mob attack never happened at all in order to protect their supporters and exonerate themselves for their own actions.

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