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Republican Congressman concocts a theory to actually blame Democrats for January 6th insurrection

Republican Congressman concocts a theory to actually blame Democrats for January 6th insurrection

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Since their very brief dalliance with laying the blame for the January 6th insurrection at the feet of Donald Trump in the days immediately following the siege, the Republican Party has been steadily working to rewrite history.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has stated that he will not support a commission to investigate the causes of that deadly day — for the obvious reason that it would implicate Trump as well as numerous other Republicans who fueled his lie that the election was stolen. As we well know by now, as the old crypt ghoul goes so goes the caucus. Republicans will now be unified against an investigation, meaning the odds that the events of January 6th happening again, perhaps in even deadlier fashion, just went way up.

Given how the GOP twists and distorts the truth over time until it’s unrecognizable, it was only a matter of time until conservatives went from denying that January 6th was an insurrection or that Trump had anything to do with it to outright blaming the violent uprising on Democrats. Now, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ)—who recently defended the insurrectionists—has done just that.

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During an appearance on The Stew Peters Show, an online conspiracy theory show, Gosar was asked by the host if January 6 was “a complete setup” and a “premeditated plan to distract” from the election.

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“What I believe is a few bad apples utilized this to their benefit and it was aided and abetted by leadership,” said Gosar, implying that the entire Capitol siege was the fault of the Democrats.

“I’ll give you an example,” Gosar went on. “So when President Trump saw the huge gathering the day before over, across from the White House, he instantly gave access to 1,000 to 10,000 National Guard troops. The FBI at the Norfolk division sent out a blast that they got wind of some type of problem coming. Supposedly no one got that. But this Capitol police turned down an additional hundred soldiers, uh Capitol police officers. They turned it down. And who does that come from? Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi is responsible for the security of the Capitol buildings.”

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As The Associated Press has explained, Pelosi does not run the day-to-day operations of the Capitol Police and was not responsible for the Capitol breach. Gosar is either too ignorant to know that or so dishonest that he simply doesn’t care. Both explanations are in keeping with his low IQ, low moral character.

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“So, you know, [Pelosi’s] ineptness, you know, when you’ve got an inauguration coming in a couple weeks after this, you’re not beefing up?” Gosar continued. “Every time I’ve been here for an inauguration, security is beefed up. So they actually aided and abetted, from my standpoint, that facilitation by not following protocols and threat assessment.  ”

“Well you call it inept, I think it’s intentional,” responded Peters, to which Gosar didn’t interject to disagree. “And I think that that’s going to come to light and I’m pretty sure that you know that, which is why you’re up there asking the tough questions and writing the letters that you’re writing asking for this information.”

So there you have it folks. Republicans are now trying to convince us that it was actually the Democrats who caused the insurrection, not the president who whipped his unhinged followers into a frenzy and then refused to intervene as they stormed the Capitol.

The nonsensical theory will surely catch on with a not insignificant part of the GOP base because in right-wing world up is down and down is up. There is no reasoning with these people at this point, our only option is to outvote them in every single election. National sanity depends upon it.

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