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Geraldo sends FOX hosts into frenzy by declaring a Democrat was right

Geraldo sends FOX hosts into frenzy by declaring a Democrat was right

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From the outset of the hostilities between Israel and Palestine, the right-wing media machine has predictably worked overtime to excuse all of Israel’s murderous excesses while demonizing all Palestinians as genocidal terrorists. Infuriatingly, the official line from Democratic Party leaders hasn’t been much different; the Biden administration and Congressional leaders have chosen to quietly ignore Israel’s outrageous provocations and the indiscriminate sadism with which they are conducting their bombardment of a densely packed city full of children.

As if the absence of any consideration for Palestinian human rights in U.S. diplomatic rhetoric was bad enough, the Biden administration is now attempting to actively involve the United States in the destruction of Gaza City by rushing through the sale of $735 million worth of bombs to Israel. The bombing has killed 230 Palestinians so far, including 65 children; over 1700 have been wounded and 2,500 have been left homeless and Israel shows no sign of letting up.

Eleven of the children killed were in psychological therapy for what they endured the last time Israel unleashed hellfire on Gaza. Schools, charities, and the headquarters of news organizations like the Associated Press have all been leveled in the onslaught as Israel deliberately seeks to cripple the already flatlining Palestinian economy.

All of this horror has largely been glossed over by the mainstream media but entirely ignored by right-wing propaganda networks, which is why it was very surprising to see a vehement criticism of the upcoming arms sale from none other than FOX News’ Geraldo Rivera.

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Rivera even went as far as to declare that Palestinian-American Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) was right in saying that the United States will be complicit in a crime against humanity if it follows through with providing bombs to Israel, who has ominously said that hostilities will continue until “there is complete quiet,” and continues to block international efforts to arrange a ceasefire, as it has done three times at the United Nations Security Council.

“We have dozens of Palestinian children who have been killed over the last week with American bombs. I have no solution to this conflict…I know this though, and I want our audience to hear this, the fact that the United States of America is providing Israel many of the weapons Israel is using today to kill Palestinian civilians without demanding a cease-fire, Tlaib is right. That makes us complicit in an ongoing crime against humanity.”

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Geraldo’s correct argument immediately prompts an avalanche of seething fury from his counterpart guest, Katie Pavlich, who dutifully regurgitated the same old tired IDF propaganda we hear every time violence breaks out. It doesn’t help their cause to complain about Hamas’ “human shields” and then bombing anyway knowing there are civilians there!

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Progressive Democrats in both the House and Senate have filed motions to stop the bomb sale from going through, but unfortunately, their efforts remain symbolic as far too many members of both parties are beholden to the Israel lobby and their campaign cash.

It is a rare sight indeed to see facts at all on FOX News, much less any concern for the human rights of Muslims in other countries. But America’s far too common participation in crimes against humanity is a grim and uncomfortable truth that many Americans would prefer to forget about, and we applaud Mr. Geraldo for having the guts to tell them on live TV.

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