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Jen Psaki rips into Republicans for refusing to support Jan. 6th investigation

Jen Psaki rips into Republicans for refusing to support Jan. 6th investigation

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In the days following the deadly January 6th insurrection unleashed by Donald Trump on the U.S. Capitol, there were some Republicans who stepped forward to condemn his role in the violence. With the siege still raw in our national consciousness, there was no way to deny what had happened. Now, months later the reality of what happened has begun to fade in the minds of some and Republicans have pounced on this psychic distance as an opportunity to rewrite history.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is whipping the GOP to oppose the much-needed commission to investigate exactly what happened on the now-infamous date. QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has been outspoken in her opposition to such a commission and Rep. Paul Gosar has even started peddling the idea that it was in fact Democrats who were responsible for the insurrection. We all saw what happened but now Republicans think they can convince us we didn’t.

The Hill reports that during her briefing today, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki addressed the GOP’s shameful behavior regarding the insurrection.

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“The attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6 was an unprecedented assault on our democracy,” said Psaki. “It demands a full and independent investigation into what happened. This is not a political issue in the president’s view, this is a question of how we secure our democracy and the rule of law. So it’s incredibly disappointing to see how many representatives have opted to turn this into a political issue instead of doing what’s right.”

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The legislation to form a commission passed in the House of Representatives on Wednesday but could stall in the Senate where Democrats enjoy a far slimmer majority. As important as forming this commission is though, the way the Republicans are conducting themselves right now is perhaps more important.

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Republicans are blatantly telling us that they don’t care about literal attempts to overthrow our democracy as long as it’s their base doing it. The old axiom that Republicans always choose party over country has been concretized in the most disturbing way possible: they are saying that they will choose their own political power over the verysurvival of our very Republic.

The GOP has never been more dangerous in history and if they are allowed to seize power again they may never relinquish it. Vote like your lives depend upon it.

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