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Psaki drags Fox News reporter for trying to make himself a “TV star” with Trump question

Psaki drags Fox News reporter for trying to make himself a “TV star” with Trump question

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has proven to be more than up to the challenge of handling the bad faith questions that get regularly lobbed at the Biden administration. After four years of Trump, the normalcy and honesty of this presidency have left some journalists—especially those of the right-wing persuasion—scrambling to invent scandals so that they have something to write about.

Fox’s Peter Doocy has been the most flagrant and consistent offender when it comes to asking Psaki loaded and leading questions, a fact which the Press Secretary has recognized and which she comes equipped to handle every time she calls on him.

Today, Doocy went fishing for a Trump-related headline by asking Psaki if Biden employing the “art of seeking common ground” is akin to the “art of the deal,” a phrase used as the title for Donald Trump’s ghost-written bestselling book. It was an utterly inane question, completely devoid of substance, and Doocy’s demeanor made it seem like he was trolling Psaki.

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“I don’t know you’re the professional here Peter,” responded Psaki with a smirk. “You’re the TV star. You know? What’s the Fox chyron going to be?” she asked, making it clear that she has his attention-seeking MO perfectly pegged.

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“Uh, art of seeking common ground does take up a lot of characters,” he responded.

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“It does. The art of the deal? We’d be okay with that. Yeah,” she said.

“With the art of the deal? I think that’s a headline,” Doocy said, his face lighting up.

“Well, there you go. An art of a different kind of deal, a deal for the working people,” Psaki said, making sure to get the last word.

Once again Biden’s Press Secretary has shown why she’s the best at what she does. We’ll be sad to see her go when she steps down next year.

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