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Disturbing new video shows Trump celebrating North Korean guards abusing reporters

Disturbing new video shows Trump celebrating North Korean guards abusing reporters

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Now that Joe Biden is in the White House, it can be easy to take for granted that our president is a decent human being. He isn’t an aspiring authoritarian, has a basic respect for the free press, and finds the violent strongmen of the world detestable. They’re simple bars to pass, but his predecessor managed to land on the wrong side of all these issues — a fact that a newly released video of Trump at a Mar-a-Lago event underscores.

While reminiscing on a meeting he had with murderous North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, Trump cooed about the mistreatment members of the hands suffered at the hands of Kim’s thugs.

“He’s not big on press coming in. I don’t think he’d ever done it before,” Trump says in the video, which was reported on by Hunter Walker for The Uprising.

“And the press came in and they were rough,” said Trump. “Not so much with him, even not so much with me, but the way they poured in, physically they tried to push guards down. And fortunately, these were North Korea guards. They didn’t get pushed down. It was a rough kind of a day for the press.”

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While Walker reports that it’s a bit difficult to tell, and it’s possible that Trump said “unfortunately” instead of “fortunately,” the latter interpretation is in far better keeping with the former president’s character. Regardless of the specific word choice, it’s clear that Trump relished the way the press was treated. He spent much of his presidency attacking the “Fake News Media” for accurately reporting on his many blunders and cruelties.

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After the North Korea meeting in June 2019, a report from The Washington Post ran that seems to confirm Trump’s account of events. According to the Post, Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham ended up “bruised” from a “scuffle between North Korean security and members of the U.S. press pool.” Eventually, Secret Service had to step in to break it up. It’s the kind of incident that a sane, normal president would condemn and exactly the kind of violent, reactionary thing that Trump loves to celebrate.

Check out the video below and remind yourself how lucky we are to be rid of this man.


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