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Video surfaces of Marjorie Taylor Greene saying we should keep up statues of Hitler and Satan

Video surfaces of Marjorie Taylor Greene saying we should keep up statues of Hitler and Satan

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) has steadily cultivated a reputation for being the most unhinged House Republican, no small feat given the cadre of creeps and conspiracy theorists that now constitute the GOP. What was once referred to as the Party of Lincoln could more accurately be described these days as the Party of QAnon.

Greene’s more deranged remarks—from her theory that mass shootings are actually orchestrated by the Democratic Party to push gun control legislation to the idea that some wildfires are caused by Jewish space lasers—have understandably been the topics of reams and reams of digital ink.

Now, a new video has surfaced of Greene that shows her bizarrely defending hypothetical statues of Hitler and Satan.

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Conservatives have been worked up about statues ever since reasonable activists suggested that we take down statues of Confederate soldiers and generals who fought and killed to protect the institution of slavery. These men weren’t heroes, they were traitors of the lowest stripe and don’t deserve to be celebrated. Republicans argue that removing the statues is akin to rewriting history — a ridiculous suggestion since these same Confederates can be easily learned about in history books or with a quick Google search. Statues don’t teach, they deify.

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In the clip, Greene can be seen speaking at a Dalton City Council meeting before she was elected to Congress. She says that she “supports keeping all of our monuments” because she uses them to teach her children lessons about the United States “whether they’re good, bad, embarrassing, something that I’m happy about, something that I’m sad about, or something that I wish hadn’t happened.”

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She goes on to say that she isn’t just talking about local statues and monuments, but statues and monuments all across the country.

“You see, I think that we have to preserve them not because we support any statue in particular or that we support what may have happened but it’s to preserve our history,” insists Greene. “Because our history is our lessons and our lessons is [sic] how we learn to make our choices going forward. So I think that’s very important and as a Congressional candidate, I wanted to be able to come forward and let you all know where I stand on the issue because I think that’s important for you all going into a runoff and voting for me.”

“I also want to say something else,” Greene goes on. “I think that this is a time where our nation is being divided and we shouldn’t be. We should be brought together because this is the greatest country in the world and we, like the other man was saying about bread crumbs, I don’t think we should be fighting about bread crumbs. I think we should be working to come together and work further to keep things good and keep peace.”

“We’re seeing situations where Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, all kinds of statues are being attacked,” Greene says. “And it seems to be just an effort to take down history. And whether I see a statue that may be something that I would fully disagree with like Adolf Hitler, maybe a statue of Satan himself, I would not want to say take it down. But again it’s so that I can tell my children and teach others about who these people are, what they did, and what they may be about.”

Obviously, no sane society would keep up statues of Adolf Hitler or the Prince of Darkness and by pushing her logic to such an extreme Greene reveals how fundamentally absurd her entire argument is. We don’t need statues to learn about evil men.

One also imagines that now that she’s a Congresswoman supported by conspiracy theorists who think Democrats literally sacrifice babies to the Devil, Greene would be less than eager to defend a Satanic statue if the question were raised today.

Watch the clip below.

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