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Scandal-plagued MTG claims she’s “done nothing wrong” and insists we’ve “got rid of racism”

Scandal-plagued MTG claims she’s “done nothing wrong” and insists we’ve “got rid of racism”

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) still refuses to apologize for comparing Americans being asked to show proof of vaccination with Jews forced by the Nazi regime during the Holocaust to wear identifying gold stars. Instead, she’s forging ahead unrepentant, convinced she’s done nothing wrong in her short but deeply problematic political career.

The insanely offensive Holocaust remarks were quickly condemned by individuals on both the right and the left and yesterday House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was finally forced to address them. He released an incredibly tepid letter saying that Greene was “wrong” and that the House Republican Conference “condemns” her language. As usual, McCarthy failed to do anything substantive, preferring empty words over action.

Greene hit back by retweeting a Twitter user who referred to McCarthy as a “moron” and a “f*cking c**nt” but she eventually deleted it. Clearly, the barrage of criticisms has done little to sway her from her deeply misguided rhetoric. She fully embodies the pathetic aggrieved victim complex that defines that MAGA movement.

Today, she threw more fuel on the fire. During a conversation with Steve Bannon—the disgraced former chief strategist for Trump and current hose of Real America’s Voice—she lashed out at those who have denounced her rhetoric.

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“They fear me because they know that I’m with the people. I’m not a politician and I say it all the time ‘People over politicians,” said Greene, an elected politician. She went on to try to paint herself as some innocent victim of a smear campaign.

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“The media tried to destroy me right from the start. And the Democrats are trying to take me out as we speak. They have a resolution to expel me,” said Greene.

“But I’ve done nothing wrong. I have literally done nothing wrong,” Greene added, sounding a lot like the disgraced former president who she so mindlessly idolizes. “The only thing that I have done that they’re so offended by is I go in every single day and I speak exactly how real Americans talk at their kitchen tables, how real Americans talk when they’re on break at work, how real Americans talk to one another.”

Her claim to represent average Americans is laughable, given the fact that average Americans don’t believe that the Democratic Party is full of Satanic pedophiles. Average Americans don’t believe space lasers cause wildfires and average Americans don’t glibly invoke the Holocaust. But she wasn’t done there.

“Americans are the country, we created equality. Through the Civil Rights Movement, we got rid of racism,” said Greene, who currently serves a party deeply embedded with racism. “We fought against it and that’s something that we’re all proud of. And the Republican Party needs to stand up against racism that is constantly preached from the Democrats through the media. We need to stand up against the critical race theory, and we need to stand up against the constant non-stop rhetoric of racism and the constant throwing of the race card by the Democrats.”

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